I Stand with West Virginia Women

In June, WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey launched an inquisition into our state’s only two abortion clinics and WV FREE launched an unprecedented response. The inquisition into clinics was used as a springboard to call for public comment on all abortion laws in West Virginia and was followed by the unveiling of a fundamentalist campaign, “Illuminate,” attacking Medicaid funding for abortion, calling for a ban on abortion at 20 weeks and elimination of abortion coverage in our state health exchange. WV FREE convened coalition partners ACLU-WV, WV Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Fairness-WV, WV Nurses Association, Planned Parenthood Health Systems and the CAARE coalition to coordinate a creative, strong response.

Abortion is safe and well-regulated in West Virginia. Stand with West Virginia women in support of access to affordable, comprehensive reproductive health care. Politicians should not be involved in a woman's personal decisions about whether or when to have a child.